For Women

A Christian based, nonprofit, drug and alcohol addiction center with sober living and outpatient services for women.

12-Step Program

The Providence Recovery Outpatient incorporates the 12-step program into treatment plans for our clients.

Long Term Recovery

The recovery model used provides clients with knowledge and tools needed for success in long term recovery.

Some words about us

At Providence, you will be greeted by our friendly, understanding staff and the other amazing ladies who are sharing your struggles. All of our staff is grounded in a relationship with Jesus Christ. They are nonjudgmental to your religious beliefs, understanding to the struggles you are going through, patient to the recovery process and willing to embrace you just the way you are.

Providence is a nonprofit, Christian based center for women. Our mission is to provide faith based teachings with effective, evidence based methodologies. We strive to break the cycle of addiction and provide tools for a way out of destructive lifestyles while developing a firm foundation based on a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Our Goal…

Love one another unconditionally

Guard our conduct in thought, word and deed

Exhort and honor those we serve

Forgive and put away anger, resentment and gossip

Be kind to one another

Our Founders

Pastor Jon & Stacy Dorsey, have more than 30 years’ experience. They are dedicated to filling a need in their community. Their desire is to stand in the gap for women and their families. Their individual walks as well as the corporation is rooted in Jesus Christ and His will for their lives and the future of Providence Recovery.

What we offer

Spiritual 12 Step
NA/AA Meetings
Cognitive Therapy
Horsemanship Therapy
Anger Management
Relapse Prevention
Addictive Thinking

Family Unification
Addiction Education
Mental Illness Awareness
Medication Management
Bible History
Bible Studies
Process Groups

Family Counseling
Art Therapy
Exercise Program
Massage Therapy
Aqua Therapy
Peer Counseling

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