Pastor Jon & Stacy Dorsey have dedicated their lives to standing in the gap for women in addiction. Jon is a pastor and fire captain for Riverside California and Stacy is a psychotherapist. They have 5 children and an ever-growing number of grandchildren. Their individual walks, family values and love for Jesus Christ shows in the way they maintain their family and run Providence Recovery. Stacy runs PRC fulltime and Jon looks forward to retiring soon and making PRC his fulltime ministry and Stacy looks forward to having her husband home more often.

Meet the Team


Pastor Jon Dorsey

Founder & CEO

Let me say a few words about my husband, Jon. Where to begin... You will not find a more giving, God fearing man. Providence has been his dream since his addiction recovery 27 years ago. Jon is a fire captian in Riverside, California with 25 years on the job. He is a certified Crisis Intervention Counselor, A Department Substance Abuse Peer Support and has been an active pastor for more then 10 years.

Jon and I have raised our 5 children and are now enjoying the benifits of being grandparents, whom we spoil and send home.

Jon is more comfortable behind the tractor then in a saddle but has the best time just moving dirt and horse poop around. His Friday Old Testiment History class is a favoite and he preaches every Sunday at Providence Revival Church.

He is the love of my life and we give God all the glory for being blessed to serve our Lord together.

Stacy Dorsey

Abby and Stacy web

Stacy Dorsey, MA, PsyT, CHt


Stacy is the love of my life, my mentor, my partner and my advocate. By the Grace of God, He has brought two broken people together as one. Leaving behind a lucrative private practice in counseling to follow God's purpose and plan for our lives.

Stacy's love for animals and her effective style of counseling, has helped to change the lives of those she touchs. Stacy's unique sence of humor, her artistic flair and her love of Jesus all combine to creatively teach Equine Therapy so her clients happily comprehend.

Stacy's love for family and family values has trasended three generations. Instilling cofidence and success all the way down to her grandchildren. Provdence Heart Ranch is another place for her to shine.

Jon Dorsey

Dakota and Evan Web Small

Evan Dorsey

Equine Specialist

Evan is our middle son of 4 boys and a girl. Evan fell in love with all things equine as he fell in love with our beautiful surrogate daughter Christi. Christi taught him to ride and mentored him through Equine Therapy.

Evan has come through his own struggles which makes him so compassionate to his equine clients. He is fun loving and a big teaser (ask his sister). He has a beautiful little girl, Kailee, and now, Ryder, Christi's son to raise and he is definitely the spiritual leader of their family.

We couldn't be prouder of him or love him more. We feel so incredibly blessed to be able to turn this business over to the Evan and Christi after we retire.

Mom & Dad


Christi Milburn

Assistant Director

Christi came through Providence Recovery Centers and now owes her sobriety to a strong forundation in Jesus Christ. She became a part of the team after her graduation from the program and a couple years later Evan became her soul mate. We love her and her son, Ryder as if they were our own children. She has been riding, teaching and training horses and riders since she was a child.

Christi is a trained riding instructor and a certified EAGLA therapest. Her ability to conect with kids is a gift. We have seen enormous success in our Equine Therapy program since she joined the family. She has an amazing, loving understanding of her clients and she not only teaches what she knows but she teaches from her own experiences.

Mom& Dad

Tricia Mc Gee

Tricia McGee

Office Manager

Tricia and her family have been part of the Providence family for years. She overcame her own addiction at Providence Recovery and stepped into a leadership role immediately. She is the sweetest, kindest person I have ever met. She is logical, motivated and organized. If it wasn't for her, we couldn't do what we do, seriously!

She runs the office for both Providence Recovery and Providence Heart Ranch with ease and confidence. We are so blessed to be able to love on her and her 3 kids and her fiancée Gill.

Jon, Stacy, Evan & Christi


Providence wants to thank our tireless volunteers who sacrifice their time to serve women in addiction. Their love for the Lord shines through every study they teach, every hug they give and every minute they take the time to listen without judgement. Each of you are a prize to us and the women you love on. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

To Become a Volunteer, Please go to Contact Us or Call us at 1.855.684.HELP (4357)

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